WedLuxe Show – 2016



One of Andrew’s pet peeves is being wished Happy New Year on any day after January 1st.

I agree with him even though that might seem a little Grinch – like. In any event, here’s hoping 2016 is treating you well so far!

The year to date has been crazy-busy…on the 3rd we had a fun time at the PGB brunch at our home and last weekend we debuted in WedLuxe 2016 and it was an amazing show. The photo here is of the largest of our 3 cakes…if you can believe it, all of the flowers are made of sugar. Julie is truly an artist.

We got lots of business cards from wedding planners and email addresses from brides and grooms (the grooms were scarce, actually – Andrew bought a  ticket so he could come visit me and he said “I am ready to kill myself” after about 12 minutes).

When I worked at the bank, after client events someone would always make the point that the event is useless without follow-up. People forget the moment they leave an event that the corporate host even exists so a gentle reminder is important.

Our project manager for the show, Natalee, is busy putting all the emails into a spreadsheet so we can send a MailChimp e-newsletter out, with gorgeous photos and of course a clickable link to contact our catering coordinator.

I think we did two things right in our first appearance at a trade show: (1) we had a door prize draw with ballots asking for permission to email; and (2) we offered samples – we made 2000 Cutie size cupcakes! There’s nothing better than a tray of pretty little cupcakes to entice people to wander over.

This week we are getting lots of email inquiries about cakes so our foray into the cake business is starting to heat up. More later on the issue of pricing cakes…


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