Twelve months is a perfect length of time for looking back and reflecting on what has happened…in my experience a year never goes by without at least one completely unexpected event taking place. EVOLVING PROJECTS For PGB, it has been a year of lots of activity and developments. For example, I loved the two strategy sessions with the senior team and I know that they laid the groundwork for...

Floating cupcakes

I don’t think I posted last week because we have been knee deep in cupcakes for the photo shoot for the cookbook and also the new menu items. Christina and I started the shoot on Sunday the 7th and we worked straight through until 4 pm yesterday. Oh yeah we had one day off – Saturday! So it was a lot of work but worth it! The photos are really amazing. The book’s editor, Zoe...

The Prairie Girl Cupcake Cookbook

One time on the farm, an ice cream manufacturer asked my parents if they could film a commercial. It involved two kids in “Prairie outfits” running up the stairs of the old farmhouse behind our house and then eating ice cream on the step. Of course my parents said “sure”, thinking the film crew and entourage would be there for an hour or so. A full day – and many...


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