Week 1


By now all of you will have received the same joke email about 6 times.
Subject line: Travel Plans.
Body of email: the layout plan for a standard 2-bedroom home.
I’ve also received the one about how it is fine to be at home but did you know that one bag of rice has 8956 grams and another only 8743??
Yes. Week 1 and we are slightly crazy already.
At the best of times, I like a lot of structure so – no shame here- I went on Etsy and bought a downloadable, editable schedule.

Then I revised it to suit what I imagine will be, should be, my daily schedule.
Andrew said it was not the best $3.86 I have ever spent – that he could have made it for me, but I doubt if he could have got all those colours in there.
I’m just saying.
I missed eating out almost immediately – McDonald’s Crème Egg McFlurry, we’ve never not been together in the Spring!
So I made up a menu planner and told Andrew he is responsible for half the meals.
He immediately went to Loblaws and bought mysterious take-out selections including a Mushroom Risotto kit. I may take back meal planning.
The cats are fine. They are delighted we are around so much. They are hungry at noon now.
We went into the Victoria store last Thursday.
It was the afternoon, when the kitchen would usually be bustling with activity, preparing for our busy Friday.
But of course the lights were out and it was eerily quiet.
Like a teenager mindlessly checking out Mom’s fridge – sorry Andrea!- I opened one of the customer order coolers.
There was only one box, with a Post-It note that read: “Customer will pick up”.
Inside was a 4 inch cake with “Happy Birthday Ohoud” piped on it.
I am not familiar with the name Ohoud so I looked it up.
According to a user from Saudi Arabia, the name Ohoud is a girl’s name of Arabic origin meaning  “promises”.
Oh my goodness.
New entry in my Future To-Do List: Ask catering team to track down Ohoud and send her a cake.

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By Jean Blacklock


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