Vegan, Gluten free & Nut free….PGB Snackin’ Cake


A couple of weeks ago, I mentioned we have a booth at the Grocery Innovation Congress on October 22-23 and that we had a lot of work to do in the meantime.

Last week, we met with Mark Terrell who consults in the grocery industry and he was a big help in giving us a clear roadmap to prepare for the show, including samples of appropriate fact sheets and signage and how best to arrange the booth.

But mostly it was really encouraging to see Mark’s reaction to the cakes (Banana Caramel and Double Chocolate). He loved them, saying he had been prepared to put on a happy face  no matter what they tasted like but that he couldn’t believe that were free of nuts, dairy, eggs and gluten.

So while I am still uncertain as to what the show will be like, I am pretty confident that it will achieve our goal of meeting some retailers who agree with us that there isn’t anything in the  marketplace with these attributes.

The team at PGB is stretched thinly at the moment so Andrew is coming with me to the show and possibly Carly – either or both will make it fun! – and a professional in food demos who is, I hear, exceptionally good at offering samples. If nothing else, I will learn how to be a food demo person!


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By Jean Blacklock


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