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Pandemic Progress

I haven’t thought about back-to-school for elementary and secondary students for awhile. Rebecca, our youngest child, graduated from Grade 12 in 2016 . Here’s a post from 2014 in which I mention the four of them   But this year, the Year of the Pandemic, back-to-school for children and teenagers is on all of our minds…another example of the many unusual side effects of a pandemic. Another...

Pandemic spending

I started Prairie Girl with a sum of capital, much of which was an inheritance from my beloved parents’ estate. Because I had the capital to spend, I spent it. Not for PGB would there be used bakery equipment, cheap countertops, or plain chef’s jackets by the dozen. No, Prairie Girl Bakery circa 2010-11 had all-new ovens from Quebec, Corian counter tops and chef’s jackets with the logo...


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