Falling on my sword

On Monday morning, our Catering Coordinator, Ailish, was close to tears about a mistake that happened in an advance order over the weekend.  And no wonder, when I heard about it, I cringed too. An expectant mother from out of town ordered “gender reveal” cupcakes for a large gathering of family and friends held mostly to announce the gender of the upcoming baby. Because the...

More on striking out

In the summer I wrote about the difficulty of decision making –  really knowing if something will “work”. All signs can point to something being popular with customers and for some reason, it isn’t – or vice versa. Often it is about timing. Ten years ago, Andrew signed up for an online shopping service which included the ability to pick up your items at a locker near...


I  put a new book on my Kindle today –  published just last week,  Mistakes I Made at Work: 25 Influential Women Reflect on What They Got Out of Getting It Wrong is edited by Jennifer Bacal. I can’t wait to get into it but I’m curious as to why the editor decided to include strictly women’s reflections.  Gender-specific commentary, meetings, conferences, networking groups...


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