What’s New – May Edition

The first week of every month I write about What’s New. Here is something big: yesterday, new Head Baker Heather started!! What’s also very exciting is that our most recent Head Baker Alec will continue in a senior leadership role as Heather’s right hand person, to be mentored on the skills required to expand to a multi-location bakery, and also PGB’s first Head Baker Andrea has...

Plodding on

Minnie, my cat, climbs under our bedspread after I make the bed, creating an unusual hill in the middle of the otherwise smooth bed. If I pet this little lump, I hear a small grumpy meow – an acknowledgement I exist, a request to go away. Looking back over the starts and stops of the last few months, I’m sure that if some mornings I’d joined Minnie under the bedspread I would...


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