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  • vacation strategies

    There are some jobs where vacations are a straight-out myth. If you’re the CEO of a public company or the leader of a country, you can be out there golfing but let’s be honest, vacation? Nah. Chances are very good that at least once a …

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  • Get it done, darn it!

    Driving to work recently the radio host mentioned a study about the differences between how men and women communicate by email. I don’t recall the origin  of the survey so I can’t speak to its accuracy but anecdotally the study’s comments felt valid. The study …

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  • 24 Hour Rule

    I don’t know why I am even writing about something as obvious as the 24 hour rule because chances are extremely high every reader of this blog knows about the 24 hour rule. Oh yeah, I know why! Because we all know this rule and …

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