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Protein Pixies

The protein fortified cupcake project continues **but** at some point in the  last month, I decided that instead of just thinking of the product as a wholesale offering, why not try to sell them in-store and see how they do.

There’s two ways we can do this.

The first way is to simply add them to our existing menu in the same way that we have gluten free and vegan.

The other way is to create special packaging to differentiate our newly named Protein Pixies from other PGB cupcakes as a portion-controlled, nutrient-fortified snack.

I decided to go with the 2nd approach and so now we are working on some really cool packaging with Sarah Landstreet of Georgette Packaging who has just completed the design of our brand new boxes. [I can’t wait for their unveiling in a couple of months].

Sarah’s idea is to create a freezer-safe plastic package – similar to the “Arctic Gardens” bag below – holding 12 Protein Pixies each in a small cup closed with a cellophane lid.

I’m excited about the idea and looking forward to seeing the product and getting customers’ feedback. Will this new product be in the category of  “cookies, brownies and tarts” [a good idea that didn’t work haha] or just like our Designer & Homestyle Cake menu [booming!!].

I wish I knew the answer to that question but sometimes it seems that the only way to truly test out an idea is to put it out in the  world and see what happens.

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