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One of the many perks of owning a cupcake store is that I have received every cupcake-themed mug, notebook, ornament, plaque, toque, slippers, socks and T-shirt created. And I have loved  them all. But last week I decided it was time to purge my PGB office of the 5 years of clutter I had gathered, everything from cupcake paraphernalia to a giant mixer last used in 2012 to photo shoot props from 4 shoots.

So on Sunday morning, Andrew went for his long run (marathon training underway!) and I came to PGB. My endeavour proved to be longer than the long run and 2.5 hours into the mission, my wonderful husband came to move all the bags of stuff to either the garbage or my car.

It feels so great!! Really the only decorations left are on the walls. The photo shows 4 of my favourites- from the left, a collage of greeting cards and photos I have treasured over the years; a light switch featuring my cat, made by my sweet stepdaughter Rebecca when she was little;  a very old photo of my Dad (circa 1971?) selling a cattle sale – all I know about customer service came from him!; and the vision board I gave Christina in 2010 to kick start the logo design. IMG_3186

Anyway it is all good, as Marilyn says…if anyone reading this is feeling overwhelmed with things on the to-do list, try cleaning up!! It’s amazing how it frees up mental space too. The only small problem was that I was late getting into the office yesterday – Monday AM- so the  team was wondering if my bare office meant I had just up and quit over the weekend.  Nope, I’m here, all ready to go.



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Jean is the president of Toronto's best cupcake and cake bakery - Prairie Girl Bakery. Read more about her background in commerce, law, and entrepreneurship here.

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