Becoming nut free

Changing to a nut-free bakery in 2019 deserves a 10/10 rating, but like many worthwhile projects in life, it was a lotta work especially as we were doing it at the same time as building our Woodbine store (we wanted to open that store without ever having had nuts in it). The hardest part was finding all the supplies. They must of course have a nut-free ingredient list but also cannot contain a...

June & July Update

Just read my May update. I’m not sure blogs are supposed to work this way, but reading it was a nice little pep talk from my May self to my July self. Where did that sweet May Jean go? Don’t get me wrong – still expanding, still excited, but as I predicted back in May, the actual process of expanding is a lot of work and reality has set in that deciding to do something is one thing, but doing it...


I often forget that we get to choose how we react to things. Last Valentine’s Day when I was going to the  bakery I got stuck in our car elevator (I know, it is weird to have a car elevator) and freaked out on the phone with Andrew. The poor guy was on a plane about to take off and although he asked the flight attendant to let him off, they’d taxied out to the runway and were not...


I sent a PGB team email today with my thoughts on the demise of the 65-store cupcake chain in the States called Crumbs.  In the next few days I’m sure all of us on the team hear questions along the lines of, “Are things ok?”. A reporter from the National Post called me today about the Crumbs’ bankruptcy and I shared with her my view  that the issues were management-related...


Lately I have been reminded of the year before I opened the business when planning, opening and having a business was 100% “all new” and every decision was bewildering and mine to make. Would I use orange and yellow as the theme colours – sort of “Prairie” like, yes? – or something more “modern”? More modern – lime, purple, deep pink. Would I...

Suppliers who have your back

This week we are using our Valentine’s boxes and we also have seasonal boxes at Thanksgiving and Christmas…and at all times we have 8 different boxes and 6 different bags…I could – and likely will – write a lot of posts on packaging and what it means to a small business. But my post today is about suppliers, a term I use loosely to include lawyers, accountants, bag...


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