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  • June & July Update

    Just read my May update. I’m not sure blogs are supposed to work this way, but reading it was a nice little pep talk from my May self to my July self. Where did that sweet May Jean go? Don’t get me wrong – still …

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  • Reactions

    I often forget that we get to choose how we react to things. Last Valentine’s Day when I was going to the  bakery I got stuck in our car elevator (I know, it is weird to have a car elevator) and freaked out on the …

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  • Crumbs

    I sent a PGB team email today with my thoughts on the demise of the 65-store cupcake chain in the States called Crumbs.  In the next few days I’m sure all of us on the team hear questions along the lines of, “Are things ok?”. …

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  • Dithering

    Lately I have been reminded of the year before I opened the business when planning, opening and having a business was 100% “all new” and every decision was bewildering and mine to make. Would I use orange and yellow as the theme colours – sort …

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  • Suppliers who have your back

    This week we are using our Valentine’s boxes and we also have seasonal boxes at Thanksgiving and Christmas…and at all times we have 8 different boxes and 6 different bags…I could – and likely will – write a lot of posts on packaging and what …

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