Lucky Duck

I have been eating a lot of baked goods lately. This is not a hardship, but still, I maybe need to rein it in. For one thing I am now on V5 of the products I am planning to launch and so I have analyzed and eaten my way through all those iterations. But also over the last few months as the weather has warmed up and the pandemic has wound down, I have discovered that Toronto has added some really...

Chapter Closed

I’ve been really busy. Just this past weekend, I wrote Level 1 of the Chartered Financial Analyst exam and Level 4 of the Environmental, Social and Governance Investing Certificate. Pretty freaking amazing. Of course I did not. Our son, Ted, wrote Level 1 of the CFA and Andrew nailed the ESG exam, so given our limited social lives still, I feel like I did these things too. These are brutally...


  The new Chocolate Mint Snowfall has nothing to do with the contents of my post. It is just so very pretty and so darn delicious – and available now! I was once  interested in being a hospice volunteer. Although it is still something I would like to do, in the category of really knowing ourselves, I really know that up until now – and for the foreseeable future- I am better off to...

Chicken Dinner

I had a tough day on Tuesday. The details don’t matter – think back to your last challenging day and that’s how I was feeling. In response to my tales of woe at dinner, Andrew kindly said, “Wow, you really had a crappy day!!”. Do you know what flashed through my mind right then? It was that even if, instead of having challenging meetings, I had just spent the  day buying lottery tickets and...


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