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I often forget that we get to choose how we react to things. Last Valentine’s Day when I was going to the  bakery I got stuck in our car elevator (I know, it is weird to have a car elevator) and freaked out on the phone with Andrew. The poor guy was on a plane about to take off and although he asked the flight attendant to let him off, they’d taxied out to the runway and were not...

Happy Or Not

PGB’s focus is on two things: customer service and a great product. That sounds so simple and yet is complicated and hard, because “service” includes everything from catering to our giving back program, and “product” involves ever-changing ways to bake and package cupcakes and cakes. Recently I decided to invest in the customer service we provide in the 3 retail...

Altruism, or is it?

Back in May everyone on the team was very excited about World Pride and we jumped into it with both feet, decorating the stores, wearing Pride t-shirts, having Pride ribbons and toppers. I didn’t think too much about it other than to talk with Andrew about the fact that millennials  – i.e. the generation which works at PGB – are all about embracing and celebrating differences...

10,000 Coffees

A few months ago I was asked to join “10,000 Coffees” which is a virtual coffee shop where people with some sort of experience can be invited for coffee by a person hoping to follow a similar path, or interested for some reason in the so-called expert’s career. Their site describes their purpose as follows: Business leaders go for coffee all the time, but they’re restricted to...

Charitable giving

With March 1st just around the corner, it’s almost time to review all of the applications we’ve received for donations for the period from April 1st to June 30th. Almost as soon as we opened, we started receiving letters and emails requesting donated cupcakes and gift cards for everything from sports teams’ year end parties to major charities’ Walks and Runs to numerous...


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