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Aspirations for 2017

I love it on New Year’s Day when newspapers feature people’s goals for the year. (Readers of this blog will know that I like nothing better than a good list of goals. Whether the goals get achieved is beside the point!).

So imagine my delight at being asked to provide my very own  list to the Toronto Star for its January 1st issue.  The specific request was for “4 inspirational, crazy, imaginative, challenging things you hope to one day achieve…not resolutions per se – no  “quit smoking” or “lose weight”- and  not all intended to be completed in 2017.

Here’s a sneak peek at my list:
Cook at least two dinners a week for me and my husband Andrew. I love to cook! I am a great cook! Why do I not cook dinner? I blame the number of amazing Toronto restaurants, but really, I need to address this failing.
Throw a Blacklock – Auerbach reunion in the summer! As a prairie person, my family gatherings have always been out west but I love Toronto so much and my extended family have assured me they are up for a Toronto-based reunion. As my nephew said, “The only thing better than visiting Toronto is making fun of Toronto!” Being a second marriage for both of us, it will also be a really nice way for our two fun and funny families to spend some time together. Maybe I can combine goal #1 and goal # 2 by cooking up a storm when everyone comes. Then again, I know a good spot….
Start wearing all my clothes. I’m going to go ahead and give myself a gold star for only buying stuff I love – but I wear the same white T-cashmere sweater-jean combo day every day. I’m gonna lay out my swish outfit each night. High heels too. And red lipstick.
Go to Hong Kong!! Andrew has a business trip there in 2017 and I am going to tag along for sure – I love the buzz of New York and I have the feeling that Hong Kong will be all that and more. I will need to plan activities and snacks so I don’t drive Andrew crazy on the long flight.

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